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Stance question

I wanted to post an opinion and get a general idea to see if other people agree with me or if I'm just off my nut...

A small portion of my bloodline is Native American (Canadian Blackfoot to be exact) and I'm the type of person who feels that it's pointless to kill animals simply for one part. For example, I don't agree with chinchilla fur coats or mink fur coats because how many people do you actually see in this world eating those animals? I do however agree with eating pork, beef, lamb, or other large animals and getting products from them because in those cases, there are other uses for them than just meat (rawhide, using hooves).

Does this opinion make me a hypocrite?
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I don't understand how you think you're a hypocrite.
As a strict vegetarian, no. These animals are killed for practicality and not merely as a fashion statement.

Deleted comment

Agreed, I find it to be a waste when animals are just killed for the sport of it rather than actual sustenance and other uses.
In this day and age, it isn't necessary to use every part of an animal you kill. We're in no danger of starving if we don't. At least, not in the industrialized, Western world. I find fur coats to be wonderfully functional. As I said to somone in a comment I made, I've never been warmer than when wearing a fur. It's soft, it's functional, and yes, it's pretty. My synthetic winter coat just doesn't cut it, but it's cheaper and easier to clean, so that's why I don't usually wear any fur.

While I'm sad that mink, fox, chincilla, etc... spend most of their lives in small cages just to be killed for their fur, it's as unlikely to change any time soon as the practice of factory farming (another thing that makes me sad) is. But face it, I like beef. So while I'd like to see a change in factory farming, I realize that it's not going to change overnight.

That said, I do wonder if mink tastes good. I doubt it, but you never know...many parts of the world still eat animals that we would never even think of.
Mink shouldn't taste good. Free range carnivores aren't good to eat and don't taste good.

While I'm not going to throw fake blood on you for wearing a coat of your choice, I find that's it's just not in me. I agree with the poster that I'd rather wear something that also became food or glue.

Then again, I'm sure your way works out too. Something ate that dead mink and you're not wearing endangered animals.
I understand where you come from, I suppose. You simply have a more conscientious eye towards what is and is not used. Nothing to fret about.

I do not approve of killing for mere sport, that is, to leave the body completely, or only take it (say, the rack of a deer) for display purposes. That is pretty lame. But I have nothing against the fur industry myself. It's a useful killing, even if not an entirely efficient one. My mindset is animals have no special rights, intrinsic or granted, and can be used by humans for any useful purpose. Regardless, I still find most sport killings a bit borish.
I understand where you're coming from. I don't wear anything I don't eat. I eat beef. I wear leather. It would be kind of silly to be opposed to wearing leather, yet still eat cow.

I won't wear fur because I don't eat those animals. I don't care if other people wear fur, because it's none of my business.
I am not against the fur industry. So I don't know about wearing mink, fox, or chinchilla. I know one that I would wear would be rabbit fur since the rest of the animal is not wasted when its killed.

I don't think you are a hypocrite. You said you don't agree with those practices, not hard core opposing them like groups like PETA would.