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Okay, I'm really pissed off right now, so forgive me if I start swearing. Earlier this year, someone posted Ingrid Newkirk's will and I sent along an email to PETA with a few requests and suggestions of my own (like if they're going to be sending her finger to the guy in charge of Barnum and Bailey, maybe they could send her middle finger to Ted Nugent. I'm sure he would appreciate it, and he could even mount it on a plaque himself). Big mistake! Yesterday, I received a large envelope in the mail with bold writing on it that said: IMPORTANT - Ms. ______ ________, you have been selected to represent the state of New York in a National Referendum. In return for your input, I've enclosed TWO FREE THANK-YOU GIFTS. I knew what this meant already; more pre-printed self adhering address labels (oh joy!). I didn't think anything of it because I'm somewhat of a political activist and assumed it had something to do with some upcoming measure.
Low and behold, when I opened the envelope, I found a survey from PETA. What the hell? It seems that, when you fill out one of their handy dandy forms online, they ask for required information, like your address. I assumed this was so they could keep track of any harassing or threatening emails, so I obliged. But instead, it seems that they put me on their mailing list. So a word of advice; if you intend to write any angry letters to PETA regarding any issues (cause I know there are some people that do even though I'm sure the majority here just ignores them), just email it straight through your regular account and don't bother using their online form. Believe me when I tell you that I'll be calling their offices today (the number's on the bottom of the survey) and it's NOT going to be a nice phone call by any means.
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