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Dedicated to the hate of all things PeTA

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WTF?? [14 Nov 2011|06:27pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]



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[17 Feb 2010|10:15am]

Peta protests at westminister kennel club dog show.

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Don't bother writing... [05 Jun 2009|06:46am]

[ mood | angry ]

Okay, I'm really pissed off right now, so forgive me if I start swearing. Earlier this year, someone posted Ingrid Newkirk's will and I sent along an email to PETA with a few requests and suggestions of my own (like if they're going to be sending her finger to the guy in charge of Barnum and Bailey, maybe they could send her middle finger to Ted Nugent. I'm sure he would appreciate it, and he could even mount it on a plaque himself). Big mistake! Yesterday, I received a large envelope in the mail with bold writing on it that said: IMPORTANT - Ms. ______ ________, you have been selected to represent the state of New York in a National Referendum. In return for your input, I've enclosed TWO FREE THANK-YOU GIFTS. I knew what this meant already; more pre-printed self adhering address labels (oh joy!). I didn't think anything of it because I'm somewhat of a political activist and assumed it had something to do with some upcoming measure.
Low and behold, when I opened the envelope, I found a survey from PETA. What the hell? It seems that, when you fill out one of their handy dandy forms online, they ask for required information, like your address. I assumed this was so they could keep track of any harassing or threatening emails, so I obliged. But instead, it seems that they put me on their mailing list. So a word of advice; if you intend to write any angry letters to PETA regarding any issues (cause I know there are some people that do even though I'm sure the majority here just ignores them), just email it straight through your regular account and don't bother using their online form. Believe me when I tell you that I'll be calling their offices today (the number's on the bottom of the survey) and it's NOT going to be a nice phone call by any means.

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Even GraphJam hates PETA [06 May 2009|01:37am]


Whoever mades this graph wins 10,000 internets.

song chart memes
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Michael Vick, new PETA spokesperson? [02 May 2009|06:33am]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Bet you never saw this one coming:

Michael Vick is in talks to become the new spokesman for PETA.

Yea, that Michael Vick.

Yea, that PETA.

According to Ad Age, the next time you see Vick, he may be educating you on the evils of dogfighting in a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals public service announcement.

The potential PETA spot is part of a larger PR campaign to improve the public image of the ex-Falcons phenom. And PETA is excited to sign him up.

"I can do it until I'm blue in the face and it might not convince anybody," Dan Shannon, director of youth outreach and campaigns for PETA, told adage.com. "Michael Vick sure can. He can say, 'Look, I did it, I was wrong, and it ruined my career,'"

ESPN has reported that Vick will be released from prison on May 20 and serve out the last two months of his sentence in home confinement in Virginia.

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[10 Apr 2009|06:22pm]


What horrible people. I hate PETA so much.
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Rescue Shelter Boys? [09 Apr 2009|01:36pm]


"Deer Pet Shop Boyz,

Plz 2 b chnging ur naem 2 "Rescue Shelter Boyz."

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New LiveJournal goes in-depth to show Mandatory Spay/Neuter grief [06 Apr 2009|04:35am]

[ mood | accomplished ]


My name is Amanda, and I just created animalwrongs , a site to explain to the general populace why Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws and other such actions would be a horrible idea, and detrimental to so many animals. I'd really appreciate it if you would spread the word about it. PETA has caused so many problems for animals, worldwide, and I thought that some of you could take up the torch, so to speak.

So, if you have an extra minute, cruise down to my LJ and check it out. Comments will also be answered and appreciated.

Amanda W.

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[22 Feb 2009|10:41pm]

Hey, I have to prepare a 7 minute speech against PETA this week and I was wondering what particular points people here thought would be best to talk about? Which scandals and whatnot would be best to exploit?

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Anti-PETA [12 Feb 2009|02:20pm]


We post so much PeTA news why not give some light to the other people who are working against them? Here is a letter from the Center for Consumer Freedom (consumerfreedom.org), addressed to the neighborhood where PeTA is opening a new office building. It's mostly things we all already know about PeTA, but it's funny anyways and worth a bit of a read.


Read The Letter Here!Collapse )
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Stance question [06 Feb 2009|11:02am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

I wanted to post an opinion and get a general idea to see if other people agree with me or if I'm just off my nut...

A small portion of my bloodline is Native American (Canadian Blackfoot to be exact) and I'm the type of person who feels that it's pointless to kill animals simply for one part. For example, I don't agree with chinchilla fur coats or mink fur coats because how many people do you actually see in this world eating those animals? I do however agree with eating pork, beef, lamb, or other large animals and getting products from them because in those cases, there are other uses for them than just meat (rawhide, using hooves).

Does this opinion make me a hypocrite?

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I love alton brown [04 Feb 2009|10:23pm]


December 2008

Dear Alton,

My son is bringing his vegetarian girlfriend to Christmas dinner this year. I’m obviously going to have to think beyond my usual holiday ham, but I have no idea where to start. Any ideas?
Judith McHenry

Dear Judith-

If your family was all vegetarian and your son was bringing his omnivorous girlfriend to dinner would you feel the necessity to prepare a ham or a turkey or some other hunk of beast? I doubt it. The way I see it your responsibility to “obviously” provide an alternative, meat-free entrée might be valid if the young lady suffered from some sort of meat allergy. But she doesn’t. Her dietary condition results from socio-political dietary free will. She is a guest and as such should accept the hospitality of your table with grace. If she doesn’t want the ham she can eat the side dishes and an extra piece of pie. Do not coddle her or your son for that matter. It’s your family and your kitchen…run it lady.

Here’s what I would do: I’d prepare a hearty wild rice pilaf containing wild rice, legumes (lentils perhaps) and meaty mushrooms such as portobellos. Everyone could enjoy such a dish and you wouldn’t be doing something just for one person. And don’t forget a nice mac and cheese which goes fabulously with ham. I’d suggest a deep dish baked version constructed with a touch of nutmeg and good English cheddar. I’d probably make sure there was some bacon grease hidden in there too but that’s me.

Seriously, I can respect personal decisions like vegetarianism but I can’t respect the bad manners that often unfold when people who make such personal choices take it out on their hosts. That’s food terrorism and none of us should negotiate with

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Rats and mice are immortal. Cancer patients aren't [03 Feb 2009|06:41pm]

I really should avoid having arguments online with PETA supporters. Anyway, I got this devastating non-sequitur from one of them:

How many people with cancer live forever?
How many rats and mice are killed on purpose?

Cancer research kills.

Ya srsly
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[17 Jan 2009|03:51pm]

Hope this is OK to post here. The PA spca org is under investigation for animal cruelty, owner harassment, wrongful seizures, and all sorts of things. Plus they are trying to get a law passed where groups like this and their officers will have immunity from lawsuits against them.

This is graphic. Beware.


Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this one of the same groups that Oprah, and Animal planet(Animal cops Philly) support?
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